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Brussels Illinois is a unique wedding location

Brussels Illinois is a unique wedding location that I was surprised to not see after reading an article by

The reason I say it is a unique wedding location is because Julie the soon to be bride told me how Brussels was a small town and when a event took place everyone was invited and how everBryone called it the Illinois Island. After a brief information session she told me that a GPS wouldn’t work out there but not to worry because everything was very close to each other, like her reception venue was right across the street from the Wittmond Hotel Restaurant . I was happy that all details were in place and was looking forward filming the event.

photographed at this unique wedding location

Julie before the wedding

Once the special day finally came our adventure started early with a ride on the Golden Eagle Ferry. Being that this was my first time we were unsure how much time it would take but fortunately upon arrival we hadn’t missed anything. Another attribute that made this a unique wedding location would definitely be the scenery. Lots of rolling hills and open farmland. I could really go on and on about this place but brides should definitely check out for themselves why this is a very unique wedding location.



It is possible to plan your own wedding in St Louis

Have you ever had a thought to plan your own wedding ? I personally haven’t but in the last few years we have been seeing and capturing a lot more couples with this plan in mind.  Most of the time the wedding days are pretty nice with a thoughtful potpourri of themselves spread throughout the event. Custom decorations, venues that tie together the couples personal story of how they met, even the transportation  have a connection to the couple in some kind of way. With all this said our couple Jessica and Chris were able to plan a very memorable wedding that was original and very tasteful using most of the resources they already had with tons of personal touches. I want to be clear that if you want to plan your own wedding their are some important things to consider. In the fathers toast he mentions how he had no idea what he was committing to when his daughter asked if she could have it on their 5 acres of property.  He further explained how they ran water, electric, and put in a  parking lot. In the highlight below it definitely shows that putting a event like this together is a team effort filled with family bonding and lots of love. I hope anyone who watches this highlight gets inspired and maybe you just might decide to plan your own wedding.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 11.23.59 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 11.26.43 AM




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